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Kristian F. Power
Barcelona. Foto by Michelle
Welcome to Kristian F. Power's place on the web!
Here I'll tell you a little about myself and about the books I write – so far one, but there will be more...

Kris lives north of Copenhagen, Denmark – a fine location for walking in the forests and along the lakeshores.
Kris is passionate about writing and, although Danish, he thinks and writes and expresses himself best in English, a reality he cannot quite explain.
Next to writing, Kris' major interests are travelling, computers and exploring the virtual realities developing and growing on the internet.
Kris is a bit of a loner and a dreamer and apologises for not being particularly efficient on social media.


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Sadao Hasegawa

Sadao Hasegawa
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the art of
Sadao Hasegawa

160 paintings and drawings
hosted by Kristian F. Power

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Kristian F. Power and his new book First Love

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First Love by Kristian F. Power
5 hearts (maximum)

The words “wonderful” and “fantastic” don’t quite do my opinion of this book justice. This is one of those book that instantly drew me in, the characters are wonderfully written (they develop well too) and the plot is uncomplicated and yet interesting throughout. read more...

First Love is released, yay...

Links to Amazon and various other outlets are posted.
First Love front cover

My novel, First Love, is on its way:

published by Dreamspinner Press, Florida.
Release date: Feb. 20, 2015.
I'm of course very excited about it, about this labor of love finally coming to fruition, about finally seeing the book in print. I'm not a fast writer, the story has been about eighteen months in the making, but here it is...

First Love front cover
Cover art by Aaron Anderson
Jens behind the abandoned smokehouse he and Krister turn into their love nest


Young Adult, Suspense, Coming of Age
Growing up, Krister Foss had a hazy awareness of being gay. Now a conscript in the same army garrison with Jens Petri, Krister has fallen head over heels in love – the first true love for both he and Petri. Having nowhere to express their feelings, they turn an old abandoned smokehouse into their secret love-nest.
After Jens has an accident, Krister finagles a false day-pass to visit his lover in the hospital. He’s found out, though, and accused of insubordination. The lives of the two young soldiers develop rapidly in unexpected and dramatic ways. Bonded by life-changing events, friendship blossoms among a group of young people, one of them the King’s nephew.
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Dreamspinner Press  ♦
Krister and Jens in front of the old smokehouse
A mockup I did, showing Krister, Jens and the old abandoned smokehouse - the guys make their love nest in the room behind the boarded-up window
First Love

Jens in front of the old smokehouse
Another mockup, Jens in front of the smokehouse

I have created:

The Sadao Hasegawa Vault
of male erotic paintings and drawings, in celebration of this far too little known artist, a revolutionary in Japanese art and society of his time.

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First Love front cover
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