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Barcelona. Foto by Michelle
Kristian F. Power lives north of Copenhagen, Denmark – a fine location for walking in the forests and along the lakeshores. Kris is passionate about writing and, although Danish, Kris thinks and writes and expresses himself best in English, a reality he cannot quite explain. Next to writing, Kris' major interests are travelling, computers and exploring the virtual realities developing and growing on the internet. Kris is a bit of a loner and a dreamer and not terribly efficient on the social media, but he tries.
Among the virtual realities on the internet, it’s especially Second Life that captures Kris’ imagination; to live a second life through avatars* in a complex and immersive three-dimensional world; to interact with friends from all over the world; to build and to create... a new media, a reality revolution. For the first time in history you can live two lives.
In SecondLife you can create almost anything – as long as you can imagine it! That's why so many artists live partially in Second Life – painters, sculptors, film-makers, architects, authors, musicians, photographers and many more.
Visit Kristien’s and Tak’s, farm, Rotnaros. Check the landscape and fortifications, the Verr, the swans, the ducks. And there are secret tunnels to find and explore!
Visit Kristian’s and Tak’s Café & Vine Bar at Best Deals Market, and have coffee and a cake, or a glass of wine – maybe beer and a steak. The café is under a bubble, a force-field of eternal summer… nice.
If you are curious about Kristian’s creations, check them out on Second Life Marketplace where they are sold by Jeep Tenk, an avatar of Kristian's.
* Kristian's primary avatar in Second Life is named Nemo Euler.

spacerNemo Euler, is a resident in Second Life since December 2007.
spacerYou can get a free account for Second Life, if you don't already have one.
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See more photos from the café and Rotnaros farm:

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