Kristian F. Power, First Love
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First Love front cover

First Love

Kristian F. Power

ISBN: 978-1-63216-491-9   Digital ISBN: 978-1-63216-492-6
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Cover: Aaron Anderson © 2015
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First Love by Kristian F. Power
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The words “wonderful” and “fantastic” don’t quite do my opinion of this book justice. This is one of those book that instantly drew me in, the characters are wonderfully written (they develop well too) and the plot is uncomplicated and yet interesting throughout.
This is set in Denmark in the seventies. We follow young Dane, Krister Foss, who just wants to get his compulsory military service out of the way before going onto his chosen career in electrical engineering. In a couple of coincidences, Krister meets Jens Petri. Both these characters are relatable and the passion between them is wonderful – even if they spent most of the time in hospital. Jens is very charming and down to earth. Krister on the other hand is very sweet, and while he isn’t naive (particularly about being gay) there seems to be an innocent quality about him.
Trying not to give things away, as I said, much the book there is at least one main and minor character in hospital, but it just seems that Krister’s insubordination unwittingly sets off a chain of events that leads to Krister’s friendship with fellow soldiers on the base who become important to both he and Jens. I found it particularly interesting how Krister’s (and as a result Jens) being gay is accepted (or not) by other minor characters.
Since my knowledge of Denmark does not go much further than Prince Frederick and Princess Mary, I’ve just done a quick search and all I’ve found out that possibility relates to the book in under five minutes is that HIV was introduced to the country in the late seventies and that Denmark legalised gay marriage in 1989, so I’m guessing that the society had to be progressive in the seventies to do that. I’m thinking that this is probably not a far stretch from the truth considering that the author is Danish.
I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s an uncomplicated storyline though there are many elements introduced as the story develops. There is plenty of drama, though not a lot of angst. I also enjoyed the pace of this book, everything kept on moving nicely.
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